Aspire and Achieve Together

About Our School

Rockingham Beach Primary Campus operates as Independent Public Schools.

We strive to ensure:

  • Students work and develop in a positive, supportive and encouraging environment.
  • Students are provided with opportunities and look forward to each year with optimism.
  • Students develop as individuals.
  • Students respect the community, the environment and themselves.

Approximately 10% of our students are from Defence Force Families and have moved into the school from various places across Australia. The area also attracts overseas workers from countries such as Fiji, India and Germany, and immigrants from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa.

A strength of our shared campus is the benefit gained by students as a result of the excellent partnerships that exist between staff, students and parents.

Parents at both schools actively participate on a number of levels, from volunteering as parent classroom help through to being elected as a School Board representative.

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